Supported projects

Developing graduate skills

Overview of Developing graduate skills work.

Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes;
Enhancing the communication and speaking skills of mathematics undergraduates;
Teaching Students to Write Mathematics;
Mathematical Presentation and Communication Skills within the Core Curriculum;
Maths Graduates: where are they now?;
Progress Files – Greenwich Implementation.

Engaging with employers

Overview of Engaging with employers work.

A Statistical Awareness Curriculum for STEM Employees;
Assessing student teams developing mathematical models in business and industrial mathematics;
Being a professional mathematician;
Models of industrial placements;
Supporting progression in mathematics education;
Views of graduates on the HE curriculum;
Work-related Learning Working Group;
Engaging with employers Coordination Project.


Overview of Problem solving work.

MaPS: Mathematical Problem-solving Project;
PSUM: Problem-Solving in Undergraduate Mathematics.


Overview of Assessment work.

MU-MAP – Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices;
Development and integration of computer-aided assessment of discrete mathematics.

Industrial problems

Overview of Industrial problems for the HE curriculum work.

Industrial Problem Solving for Higher Education Mathematics;
Industrial Problems for the HE Curriculum in Statistics.

Student-centred Approaches

Overview of Student-centred Approaches work.

A Pilot for a Shared On-line Statistics Advisory Service;
Engineering Students Understanding Mathematics (ESUM) – An innovative teaching approach with integrated research;
Supporting Undergraduate Engagement & Achievement in STEM Disciplines;
Good Practice on Inclusive Curricula in the Mathematical Sciences;
Methods to produce flexible and accessible learning resources in mathematics;
Group Work Working Group;
History of Mathematics in the Higher Education Curriculum Working Group;
Student-centred Approaches Coordination Project.

Maths Arcade

Overview of Maths Arcade work.

Building on the Maths Arcade: supporting mathematics learning;
Maths Arcade uptake Programme.

Audio-visual media in teaching and learning

Overview of Audio-visual media in teaching and learning work.

Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning;
The Internet Librarian and Curator for Mathematics Videos.


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