Links to work on HE Curriculum Innovation in Mathematical Sciences

In May I am giving a presentation at four workshops with the National HE STEM Programme Mathematical Sciences Strand. The workshop title is ‘Maths Strand Outputs in the National HE STEM Programme‘ and this will be repeated in Manchester, London, Cardiff and Birmingham. I will be speaking on ‘Work on HE Curriculum Innovation in Mathematical Sciences’. In this talk I will name several resources that my project has produced. These are listed below so I can give an easy link to participants.

Views of ‘young researchers’ on on graduate skills

I ran an exercise at the Young Researchers in Mathematics 2011 Conference in which I asked for participants’ views of the HE curriculum. You can view a video of this session online and I wrote a paper on this: Views of HE curriculum from ‘Young Researchers in Mathematics’ (MSOR Connections, 11(3), pp. 20-21).

Graduate skills development

The booklet Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes contains case studies of opportunities to develop graduate skills within mathematics curricula.

You can view videos of sessions at the workshop ‘Teaching Students to Write Mathematics’ online and download related materials or burn your own copy of the DVD online.

Engaging employers

The project Assessing student teams developing mathematical models applied to business and industrial mathematics is described in an article in MSOR Connections.

HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit

The Summit findings report is available as HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit.

The papers relating to ‘Student group with industry’ are Student mathematical modelling workshops as preparation for study groups with industry and Mathematical modelling study group.

The report of the sigma-sw summer interns project is available as Summer internships in sigma-sw.

Other innovative work – found through open calls

Find out about the Maths Arcade through The University of Greenwich Maths Arcade.

The inclusive curricula booklet is Good Practice on Inclusive Curricula in the Mathematical Sciences.

Read a report about the project Engineering Students Understanding Mathematics (ESUM).

See videos of talks at the Media-Enhanced Teaching and Learning (METAL) workshops.

Our work until that point was all covered in the HE STEM special issue of MSOR Connections 11(3). This includes final reports from our first call projects, interim reports from our second call projects and initial plans from our third call projects.


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