Interim report: ‘A Statistical Awareness Curriculum for STEM Employees’

Neville Davies and John Marriott of the Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education, University of Plymouth, have submitted the following as an interim report for their project ‘A Statistical Awareness Curriculum for STEM Employees‘.

A draft statistical audit questionnaire has been designed to circulate electronically to STEM graduates in a range of companies that include BT, Toyota, GKN Aerospace and The Met Office.

The tool has been refined in the light of feedback from a number of people including John Harris and Paul Morgan, both of SEMTA, and colleagues on the Royal Statistical Society getstats board.

In the current economic climate it has proved very difficult to get appointments to meet appropriate people in companies, although Paul O’Brien, who heads the Business Modelling & Operational Transformation unit within BT Research at British Telecom (Adastral Park) and Paul Fitzpatrick of Toyota, Derby, have been particularly helpful. The SEMTA south west colleagues named above together with Brian Fowler, have been extremely helpful in facilitating contacts with industry and progress in this regard is slow but sure.

Steve Gerry, secretary of the Plymouth Manufacturing Group, is making arrangements for us to give a short presentation about the project to a meeting of a range of manufacturers in Plymouth on 28 February. After this we plan to engage with those Plymouth companies that have expressed interest in helping us. On the 29th February we will be meeting people in the Met Office (Exeter) to discuss their contribution to the project and discussions with GKN Aerospace are currently underway.

The structure and design of the Moodle site have been completed and the draft questionnaire is now available online. Paul O’Brien’s team have agreed to pilot the questionnaire and have indicated that the Moodle site would prove useful in providing support for a training programme that is currently under development.


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