Maths EG

I have received the following information from Mathcentre about Maths EG, an e-assessment system to which our project ‘Development and integration of computer-aided assessment of discrete mathematics‘ contributed.

Maths EG is a free-to-use collection of almost 2000 mathematics questions spanning topics from GCSE to undergraduate level 2.  There are thousands of realisations of each question allowing for virtually unlimited practice.  Random parameters are incorporated into all aspects of the questions, including equations and diagrams, and in the very complete feedback screens.  Statistics questions will follow shortly.  Maths EG has been made available to mathcentre by Martin Greenhow and Abdulrahman Kamavi from Brunel University.

The questions have been extensively trialled at Brunel University with students from departments as diverse as economics, sports sciences and health studies, as well as engineering, mathematics and computing.  The experience at Brunel has been that students use the Maths EG feedback as a learning resource in its own right.  It was therefore decided to offer this formative assessment resource more widely and via a new and fully-searchable interface that will work on all browsers.  It is hoped that mobile devices will be accommodated later. A (free) teacher interface is being implemented whereby registered teachers/lecturers can set up their own tests by the selecting the questions they want. This will available from mathcentre in due course.

Maths EG has been added to mathcentre as a Test Yourself resource.

To access Maths EG, select Let me choose, enter “Maths EG” in the Search box (in quotes) and press Enter.


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