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Special issue of Maths, Stats and OR Network newsletter

[Listen to me saying this in podcast episode 12 – Special issue of Maths, Stats and OR Network newsletter.]

Today we sent to the printers our special issue of the newsletter of the Maths, Stats and OR Network, MSOR Connections, themed around work undertaken as part of the National HE STEM Programme. This includes work organised by the Network under the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project and work organised by other HE STEM Partners.

There is a section containing reports on what work we and others are supporting to address the recommendations from the HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit. Other work undertaken as part of the Programme is themed around areas of activity: graduate skills; employer engagement; mathematical thinking; technology; inclusive curricula; engineering maths; and, outreach and widening participation through schools and colleges.

As well as full articles and short reports, throughout the issue ‘Projects in brief’ give a hint of the wide range of work in mathematics supported by the National HE STEM Programme. I am pleased that this issue of MSOR Connections, which is widely read by a HE mathematical sciences practitioner audience, will showcase the work that has been completed and will be undertaken this academic year as part of the Programme.

This special issue will be volume 11 issue 3 for the autumn term 2011. MSOR Connections is freely available via the MSOR Network website. Academic and academic-related staff from UK higher education institutions can register to receive a printed copy.


MU-MAP – Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices Workshop and call for mini-projects

As a result of the Summit recommendations relating to assessment we are supporting a major piece of work to survey assessment practices across university mathematics and develop resources to share good practice. This also aims to focus on the costs and effects of the change required to implement good practice in new contexts so that lecturers can both see what others are doing and understand the practical issues involved if they wish to adapt those methods to their own practice. As part of this change element, the project seeks to support lecturers with funding of up to £1,500 to evaluate and implement a new form of assessment, or evaluate an existing one, whether that is a different style of examination question, the introduction of coursework into a new module, supporting the development of new projects.

This project will be presented and call for mini-projects launched at a workshop. The workshop will also present preliminary findings from a literature review of assessment practices in university mathematics and results from a study on students’ and lecturers’ perceptions of assessment in mathematics, discuss current assessment practices and invite participants to discuss the way in which they assess their students in mathematics.

This workshop will take place at Loughborough University on 17th November 2011. For full details about the workshop please visit the MU-MAP event page on the MSOR website.

For further details of the project please visit the MU-MAP project website.

To register to attend the workshop or to learn more about the mini-projects please contact Paola Iannone.