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Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes talk video

We have been running a series of workshops nationally – at the universities of York, Manchester Met, Bath, Greenwich and Birmingham – to disseminate our booklet ‘Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes – case studies of successful practice‘. Case studies editor Dr Jeff Waldock presented this workshop along with case study authors and Jeff agreed to record his introductory talk at the University of Greenwich for distribution via the web. In this, Jeff gives some background to the graduate skills picture and introduces the case study set by highlighting which graduate skills these look to address.


THE: “Maths teaching seeks the formula for good graduates”

You can listen to me say this as episode 8 of the podcast.

There is an article on the website of Times Higher Education (THE) ‘Maths teaching seeks the formula for good graduates‘, which is about the report of the HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit, now in its print-ready form (and indeed copies are printed and ready to distribute).

I am pleased to see this work being reported by THE although the focus is perhaps slightly more to the negative than I would have put it. Much from the Summit report does not fit in the article, of course, and some of the content of the comment pieces ‘Taking Control of the Assessment Agenda’ (p. 21) and ‘What do the students think about their Maths degrees?’ (p. 25) is reported as if it were consensus. Anyway, the general theme is that maths teaching at university has some room to improve, which I think the Summit agreed with, and the article points out the report identifies “both challenges and possible solutions”. We are taking forward these possible solutions through our Third Call for Funding, which closes today. I have spent the last six weeks touring the country holding meetings about this funding and taking phone and email queries so I am looking forward to receiving a good number of high quality applications today. Hopefully we, as a mathematical sciences community, will be able to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the National HE STEM Programme through the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Fund to take up the Summit recommendations and meet the challenges highlighted in the THE article, and then some!