Mathematics HE Summit

On 12th January 2011 the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project convened a Mathematics HE Summit. This brought together representatives of 25 university mathematics departments, Education representatives from the IMA, RSS, OR Society, the Council for the Mathematical Sciences and people from the National HE STEM Programme, sigma and the MSOR Network to discuss some serious, high level questions about Mathematics HE. The night before the Summit, I recorded some thoughts on what was to come, the structure of the day and what we hoped to get out of it and these are available on the podcast:

6 – Some thoughts recorded the night before the Mathematics HE Summit, Peter Rowlett

We had people taking notes in the discussion sessions and when these are collected we intend to spend some time on a decent write up of the event to disseminate. I hope this will say something of the current state of, and hot issues in, Mathematics HE.


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