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Intro to ‘A Pilot for a Shared On-line Statistics Advisory Service’

Recently I attended a project meeting of the ‘A Pilot for a Shared On-line Statistics Advisory Service’ with project leader Alun Owen of Loughborough University and his project partners. Here is Alun’s description of his project:

Some HE institutions provide an appointments-based Statistics Advisory Service (SAS) targeted at final year and postgraduate students. However, many HE institutions do not provide a SAS, possibly due to lack of statistically qualified personnel, financial resources or lack of direct evidence of demand.
Where resourcing is an issue, an alternative that institutions could consider is a shared SAS resource, which could be provided via an on-line learning space, such as Elluminate (see
This project would pilot such a shared SAS resource, in order to assess the practical and pedagogical issues involved, and the potential demand for such a service.

Alun spoke to me about his project Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project Podcast:

4 – A Pilot for a Shared On-line Statistics Advisory Service – Alun Owen, Loughborough University.