Intro to “Supporting progression in mathematics education”

I have begun work as HE Curriculum Innovation Advisor for the Maths, Stats and OR Network, working on the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation project as part of the National HE STEM Programme. I have decided to write occasional updates here on my activities and those of this project.

Recently, I visited Nottingham Trent University where Dr. James Hind is running a project supported by the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation fund under the title “Supporting progression in mathematics education”. This project looks to supply two final year undergraduate students with a project each around mathematics education, while also building an outreach relationship with a local school. Here is James’ description of the project:

Final year maths degree students will visit a local secondary school and witness first hand the teaching of maths to GCSE and A-level students. They will prepare teaching material suitable for maths degree, GCSE and A-level classes on a topic chosen jointly with their project supervisor. They will progress with the assistance and advice of secondary maths teachers from the secondary school as well as their university project tutor. They will focus on elements of mathematics which are not currently part of the national curriculum or which are not dealt with by the curriculum in any depth. They will present their work to classes of the appropriate level from the assisting school. The presentation will be in the form of a taught session and associated teaching materials. The presentations will take place at University and will be combined with a question and answer session on university life and a tour of the campus science and maths facilities for students from the assisting school.

You can hear James describing the project by listening to the first episode of the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project Podcast:

1 – Supporting progression in mathematics education – James Hind, Nottingham Trent University.


One response to “Intro to “Supporting progression in mathematics education”

  1. I had the following conversation with Ian Fisher @10ticks on Twitter (I am @peterrowlett) which might be interesting (140 character limit notwithstanding).

    10ticks: @peterrowlett Not quite understanding James’ project. Good PR for the Uni.
    peterrowlett: @10ticks I don’t understand what you mean.
    10ticks: @peterrowlett is it research, encouraging uni students to disect mathematical topics, or for the benefit of schools..or just PR?
    peterrowlett: @10ticks Not research. Undergrads get to take final year project in maths education & uni builds outreach relationship with school.
    peterrowlett: @10ticks aims of National HE STEM Programme
    10ticks: @peterrowlett I think it is the ‘progression’ I am not understanding. Is it about curriculum progression or student understanding?
    10ticks: @peterrowlett I just like looking a curricula! Spent a lot of time on Australian, Indian, Malaysian and S African ones! Need to get a life!
    peterrowlett: @10ticks oh, I think it means undergrad maths students taking final year ed projects to aid their ‘progression’ to teacher training.
    10ticks: @peterrowlett That all makes sense now..just call me slow!
    peterrowlett: @10ticks not at all, it’s a good question.